Jabra Elite 75t review: Improved over time, sounds better than AirPods Pro (2023)

Jabra's Elite 75t already won a CNET Editors' Choice Award when it debuted in November 2019, but it didn't become available until early 2020. Many more great wireless headphones have arrived since then, including several active noise canceling offerings from the Elite 75t. and his slightly stockier brother, theactive elite 75tThe main true wireless options remained. One of the reasons is that Jabra has managed to improve the performance of the headset through firmware updates. The latest of these has been added (Fall 2020)active noise cancellation, even when the company launched an advanced model thatElite 85t, which uses a different and even more effective form of noise cancellation technology. The other reason the Jabra Elite 75t remains a top contender is that it's gotten more affordable, occasionally dropping $40 or even $50 off its $180 list price ($170 and $299) during the holiday sale. in US dollars).

As the 75t has improved over time and is now available at a lower price, we confirm its place in today's pantheon of true wireless headphones with an updated Editors' Choice December 2020 version.

Much of what follows is from my original review, but the main thing to note about the firmware updates is that voice call performance has improved, with better rejection of background noise. Also, the new noise canceling feature really works, helping to block out ambient noise, although the noise canceling is a bit stronger on the Elite 85t. And while the standard version of the Elite 75t doesn't include a wireless charging case, there isnow a variant containing a, although it is not so easy to find.

As I mentioned in my original review, at first glance the Elite 75t, which comes in a few different color options, looks more like an evolutionary upgrade to the Elite 65t. But the updates are a bit more extensive than I initially thought. The Elite 75t's smaller size (buttons and body are 20% smaller than its predecessor), longer battery life, and USB-C charging are significant improvements. And then there are the smaller changes, like the redesigned charging case with magnets inside that make it easier to open and close and keep the buttons inside.

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According to Jabra, the main goals for the 75t were to make it smaller and increase battery life. The problem with the Elite 65t is that while it fits me well, it's too big for some people, leading to returns. Jabra says the 75t's drivers are the same as the 65t's, but the smaller design will help more people get a nicer, more comfortable fit. This perfect fit ("tight fit" I sometimes call it) is not only crucial to keeping the earbuds secure in your ears, it allows you to get the best sound from them with enhanced bass performance. And they have pretty good sound quality for true wireless, if you can get a tight seal. (To be clear, I'm comparing them to other wire-free, true wireless earbuds that tend to offer better sound for the money.)

For me, the 75t's design didn't make a huge difference from its predecessor in terms of fit. Like I said, the Elite 65t basically fits my ears almost perfectly and also passively blocks out a fair amount of ambient noise. However, the Elite 75t is definitely lighter and more discreet. The headphone jack "tube" that houses the voice microphone has been all but eliminated on the Elite 75t, its absence giving the headset a more streamlined look. That's a big problem. And I think the new smaller design not only fits more ears, but is more comfortable. Arguably not as comfortable as the slightly lighter AirPods Pro, but comfortable for these types of noise-isolating headphones, which aren't for everyone (many people don't like a silicone tip dipping in your headphones). your ear canal).

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I also appreciated the smaller charging case and that it now has a flat bottom so you can place it horizontally (you'll need to place the Elite 65t's case vertically). These design updates may seem small, but they significantly improve the product.

The headset still has four microphones, two on each earcup (the Elite 85t has six), but the position has changed compared to the 65t. There are now microphones on the front and rear of each button. The Elite 65t worked fine as a headset, but this model works a little better for making calls, although I found both the AirPods Pro and theAnker Soundcore Liberty Air 2they have been improved with noise cancellation in noisy environments (however, as mentioned, noise cancellation has improved with firmware updates). You can use the right earbud for mono music playback or calls only. If you remove the left earphone while listening to music, the music will stop automatically. To resume mono playback on the right earcup, you need to press the multifunction button.

With the Elite 75t, callers said they could hear me clearly, but background noise was less muffled than with the AirPods Pro and Anchor. The Liberty Air 2 really was the best at blocking out background noise. All in all, the Elite 75t is the only one of the three to have a listen-in feature, which allows you to hear your own voice in the headphones, preventing you from talking too loud. You can adjust the intensity of the sidetone in the app.

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The Jabra Elite 75t is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which not only helps improve battery life but also wireless connectivity. I experienced almost no hiccups with Bluetooth in New York City, which is notoriously difficult with true wireless headphones, especially higher-end models. While the earbuds are smaller, battery life is now 7.5 hours at moderate volume, up from 5 hours on the Elite 65t (AirPods Pro are rated at 4.5 hours with noise cancellation). noise enabled). The case offers an additional 20.5 hours of battery life. My initial tests show that the battery life numbers are accurate, at least for the buttons themselves.

commonIP55 degree of protection, the Elite 75t is splashproof and offers some resistance to dust, and it's fine for the gym and running (the earbuds certainly stayed in my ears during the run). As with the Elite 65t, there's a HearThrough transparency mode that lets in ambient noise (you activate it with a quick tap on the left earcup) and in the Sound Plus app for iOS and Android you can choose to pause your music when listening. to turn on HearThrough. This allows you to touch the left earbud and speak if someone comes to talk to you when you have the earbuds on.

The app also has equalization settings to customize the sound to your liking, and you can choose between your device's native voice assistant or Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. However, you have to press a button to access the voice assistant (to be clear, these buttons have physical buttons). With AirPods Pro, you can just say "Hey Siri" to access Siri hands-free.

Unlike the AirPods Pro, they have volume controls on the buttons. Press and hold the button on the left earphone to decrease the volume and press and hold the button on the right earphone to increase it. This works fine.

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Adjusting the EQ settings may slightly improve sound quality. In the end, I went with the Smooth setting, which cuts the treble a bit and boosts the bass a bit. This setup seemed to work well for a variety of music genres. And while the Elite 75t may not be as comfortable as the AirPods Pro and doesn't work as well as a headset for making calls, I think it sounds better than the AirPods Pro. The Elite 75t offers better overall clarity with better bass definition. It is more alive and dynamic.

For some people, that superior sound might not outweigh the good points of the AirPods Pro. But the Elite 75t costs less, even if the AirPods Pro price drops below $200. With software updates, it's still a great A set of true wireless earphones that boasts enough improvements, including a vastly improved design and better battery life (and now noise cancellation) to make it one of the best models in this fiercely competitive market. Competition and rapidly evolving headphone category.

Jabra Elite 75t review: Improved over time, sounds better than AirPods Pro (10)
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Which is better Jabra Elite 75t or AirPods pro? ›

The Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless are better headphones than the Jabra Elite 75t Truly Wireless. While they're equally comfortable, the Apple have a slightly longer overall battery life, and their sound profile is more neutral out-of-the-box. The Apple's ANC does a better job of reducing ambient noise too.

What is better than Jabra Elite 75t? ›

The Jabra Elite 7 Active Truly Wireless are better than the Jabra Elite 75t Truly Wireless. They have significantly better noise isolation performance, mic recording quality, and battery performance. Their default sound profile is also more neutral, which some may prefer.

Is Jabra better than Apple? ›

While Apple trends close and even beats out Jabra in a couple of categories, comfort, and overall sound quality, the Jabra's sound is also amazing and highly customizable, their ANC is almost on par, and their superior battery life and a hard-to-beat price go a long way toward making the Elite 7 Pro the better option.

Are there any headphones better than Airpod pros? ›

The Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds are some of the best on the market. High-quality sound is matched by top-notch ANC. Well designed ear tips provide an excellent seal, improving noise isolation, and call quality.

Does Jabra Elite 75t work well with iPhone? ›

The Jabra Elite 75t earbuds work on Android, iOS, and Windows, but the only high-quality Bluetooth codec they support is AAC, which is great for iPhone users.


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