Regional Fruit and Almond Advisor (Applied Research and Education) Fresno AP#22-23 (2023)

Visit the UC ANR Job Board at And apply for the position directly through our website.

Deadlines: Ensure due consideration, the application packet must be composed ofApril 25, 2023 –(until full)

Headquarters:UCCE Tulare District Office, Tulare, CA

Serving Fresno and Tulare Counties

Job Overview

California University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) offers unique employment opportunitiesUC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Fruit and Almond Advisor. UC ANR manages a statewide network of researchers and educators working to develop and apply science-based solutions to local agricultural, environmental and health problems. More than 150 UCCE advisors conduct research, outreach and education at local Cooperative Extension offices serving all 58 counties in more than 70 locations statewide. By working and living among the people we serve, UC ANR expands UC's reach to include all people and communities in California, ensuring equitable access to the UC system.

Target:Area Fruit and Almond Advisor will implement an innovative educational and applied research program to address the relationship between almonds (Fresno County), fresh stone fruits (apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, and nectarines), plums, and other non-citrus fruits. The same goes for fresh fruit-related issues, such as blueberries, kiwis, persimmons, and pomegranates in Tulare and Fresno counties. These areas of extension and applied research include, but are not limited to, high priority production issues including labour-saving methods, pests and diseases, nutrition and irrigation management to optimize the environmental and economic sustainability of these cropping systems.

The consultant will work with UC ANR and UC campus colleagues, local customers, orchard managers and crop consultants to provide research-based information developed in local field trials. The information will be disseminated through seminars, outreach sessions, webinars, newsletters, industry media channels, telephone calls and online and social media tools tailored to the target audience. Extension efforts need to include basic information for small acreage growers and new growers as well as advanced information for more experienced growers.

Candidates will develop an applied research program aimed at improving the effectiveness of cultural practices in fresh fruit and non-citrus almond production. The Area Fruit and Almond Advisor research program will focus on assessing client needs and advisor expertise. Priorities may include fruit harvest mechanization to address labor shortages, canopy size and structure to increase harvest efficiency, IPM methods to address pest and disease pressure, and fertilization and irrigation strategies to optimize fruit size and quality. Research objectives should emphasize the development of orchard systems that protect resources in accordance with national air and water regulations. Research findings will be published in commodity committee reports, ANR peer-reviewed publications, academic peer-reviewed journals and professional conferences.

There are many opportunities for extension and research partnerships with different stakeholders and partners. Counselors join a motivated team of UCCE colleagues who are passionate about their work and committed to making a difference in their communities and across California. The potential for collaborative projects within the UC ANR system is virtually limitless. The consultant has the option to use existing fruit pieces from the UC Kearney Research and Extension Center in Fresno County.

The consultant is expected to develop strong relationships with government agencies including, but not limited to, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), the California Department of Water Resources, and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Other agencies/organizations include the USDA, CSU system, community colleges, and industry groups.

Responsible Province.Headquartered in the UCCE Tulare District, the function serves Fresno County.

reporting relationship: CE advisors are under the administrative direction of the UC Tulare County and Fresno County Cooperative Extension County Directors.

Required Qualifications and Skills

eligibility requirements

educate:the last onemasterA degree in horticulture, fruit growing, plant physiology, ecology, or a related discipline is required for appointment.

other requirements

· Field research experience.

· Ability and resources to travel on a flexible schedule, if required, in a vehicle with proof of liability and property damage insurance. A valid California driver's license is required to drive county or university vehicles.

· The ability to work with clients from a wide range of socioeconomic and racial groups is essential.

· Consultants must hold or have obtained a Qualified Pesticide Application Certificate (QAC) or License (QAL) within one year before applying or supervising any pesticides.

required skills

To be successful, CE consultants need skills in the following areas:

Technical Capabilities and Impact

Candidates must have a solid understanding of agriculture, pests, plant nutrition, and irrigation management. Advisors are required to design and implement a program to create positive change and impact in the community and beyond. Consultants need to grow and thrive throughout their careers and respond to changes in the industry and clients.


Demonstrate excellent written, oral, interpersonal and communication skills in information technology. Public speaking with interested parties is a regular part of the position.

Cooperation, teamwork and flexibility

Proven ability to collaborate as a team member with colleagues, industry and other stakeholders. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Be aware of and willing to actively promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

life-long learning

Expresses a commitment to continuing professional development. Ability to shift project focus as time and organizational needs change.

Learn more about project evaluation skills and areas(includes professional training, college and public service, and affirmative action and DEI):

Experience preferred

· Enthusiasm and desire to start a career in the cooperative extension field.

Experience in education and outreach.

· Experience in building partnerships and multidisciplinary teams.

· Ability to effectively plan projects, manage teams, and implement applied research and outreach programs including setting measurable goals.


UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) is made up of a network of scientists and faculty across California. We are committed to developing and supporting practical, science-based solutions that advance a healthy food system, healthy environment, healthy communities and healthy Californians. UC ANR is managed by UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE), which is responsible for program development and delivery in counties across California.

learn more about

UC ANR operation

· UC ANR by province:

· Our strategic initiatives

Our public price statement:

DEI: In addition to the above, advisors should share and demonstrate UC ANR's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Affirmative Action: In addition to the above, advisors should share and demonstrate UC ANR's commitment to affirmative action. Learn more about UC ANR's Affirmative Action Policy:


Cal Agriculture and Natural Resources is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and will respect your experiences, perspectives and unique identities. We encourage applications from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and others who have the ability to help us create and maintain an inclusive, equitable, and inclusive employment and learning environment.

Salary and benefits

salary:The salary range for this Partnership Extension Consultant position is Associate Level 1 ($71,200) to Level 6 ($94,000). Advisor placement is based on applicable experience and professional qualifications. For information on the Cooperative Extension Consultant Salary Scale, please refer to the University of California website: the successful candidate is currently a UCCE consultant, the candidate will be offered that position without any change to the candidate's current rank, grade, salary and/or terms of appointment; and, if applicable, the right to retain status indefinitely.

After three successful evaluations, the position is eligible for indefinite tenure and is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in Section 315 of the UC ANR Policies and Procedures Manual

advantage: UC offers comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, two paid vacation days per month, one paid sick day per month, and paid vacation days. The position is entitled to annual leave privileges in accordance with University policy. For more information, visit the UC Benefits website:

If you are interested in this position, please visit: select "applicant" (see function#22-23)

Deadlines: Ensure due consideration, the application packet must be composed ofApril 25, 2023 (until full)


Contact Alma Jackson -

Applicants can visit the UC Davis International Student and Scholar Services website at a resource.

UC Cooperative Extension

As a condition of employment, you must satisfy the UCImmunization Program Policy - Meet Updated Temporary Amendment.All policyholders must provide proof of receipt of the main series of COVID-19 vaccines or, if applicable, request a waiver (based on medical exemptions, disability, religious objection and/or delay due to pregnancy or recent COVID-19 vaccination). 19 diagnosis and/or treatment) not later than the expiry date. All insured persons must also provide proof of receipt of a current CDC-recommended COVID-19 vaccination or have been properly declined to be vaccinated no later than the applicable deadline. New UC employees should contactExhibition 2,Section II.C fromAddendum to the vaccination schedule against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).Validity period. All insured persons must also certify that they are up to date with their seasonal influenza vaccinations, or have properly declined such vaccinations by the applicable deadline. to consultContribution to Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program. (Capitalized terms in this section are defined in the policy. ) Federal, state, or local public health guidance may impose additional requirements.

UC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants are eligible for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, protected veteran status, or other protected classification covered by UC's nondiscrimination policy .

Effective January 1, 2014, ANR is a smoke-free and tobacco-free environment where smoking, use of smokeless tobacco products and use of unregulated nicotine products (e-cigarettes) are strictly prohibited.


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