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Vaillant boiler controls and wireless thermostats for central heating

Boiler controls are a fantastic option for anyone wanting even heating while saving energy and Vaillant boilers offer an exceptional range of boilers with unique features.

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Using thermostats and boiler controls is the best way to keep your home nice and warm, as well as save energy and significantly reduce your utility bills. Furthermore, boilers relieve you of the burden of regulating heating and hot water, so you can enjoy a more relaxed life. and carefree life.

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Choosing the Right Vaillant Boiler Controls for Your Central Heating

Vaillant is one of the most renownedmark boilersand trusted suppliers of the best boilers in the UK. The diverse range includes a variety of boiler controls and smart thermostats to help you save on your energy bills and properly manage your energy consumption.

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Its appeal stems from its incredible range ofVaillant Kessel, equipped with very effective capacitors that work very successfully in combination with its controls. While all of your thermostats and controls work perfectly, they do have certain distinguishing characteristics.

All thermostats and controls are designed to be distinctive, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and smart home needs. So read on and explore the different options they offer.

Vaillant Funkthermostate

Vaillant VRT350F Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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Vaillant VRT350FProgrammable thermostats monitor room temperature and adjust oven controls accordingly. This ensures that your boiler runs at peak efficiency and reduces energy costs. The VRT 350F has a blue backlit display and just two simple knobs to control the three independent time settings.

Consisting of two components: one connects to the front panel of your Vaillant boiler and the other is a programmable wireless roomstat that allows you to control the boiler remotely. It is compatible with Vaillant ecoTEC boilers and a largeThermostat to control your central heating..

Main features:

  • Wireless control and control
  • It is designed to be integrated into the panel of Vaillant ecoTEC boilers
  • Automatic summer/winter transition
  • blue backlit viewfinder
  • One button and two sockets
  • Holiday rewind function
  • calendar function
  • Three different time settings
  • Advanced replacement settings

Thermostat VRC 700f/VRC 700 Wetterkompensations

Vaillant-Model 700It is available in two versions: the wired VRC 700 and the VRC 700F wireless control panel. The VRC 700 and VRC 700f are designed to work in harmony with all existing Vaillant products and ensure your devices always run efficiently.

For example, the holiday function of this boiler thermostat switches off the heating and hot water when you are away and switches them back on when you get home. It has permanently stored programs, including time and temperature, even during a power outage.

Main features:

  • Communicates intelligently with all Vaillant devices
  • Compatible with the entire range of Vaillant boilers
  • Finally, for modularity, it communicates with the boilers via the eBUS language and ensures that the boiler continuously works at maximum efficiency.
  • Programs with variable start times
  • Compatible with S and Y plane systems
  • Backlit display with excellent contrast and clarity

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Vaillant digital wireless controls

Vaillant timeSWITCH 150 analógico Plug-in-24-Stunden-Timer

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If you like classic controls this is itVaillant TimeSWITCH 150could work for you It's a single channel analogue heat controller that works with the Vaillant VRT 50 eBUS room thermostat to change the heating schedule and select when the heat should turn on and off during a 24 hour period.

Installation is easy as the controller plugs directly into the furnace box, eliminating the need for visible wiring. The Timer 150 is compatible with all Vaillant combination devices and contributes to the efficiency of your boiler, resulting in lower energy costs. It has up to 48 on/off times and you can easily select the heater start and stop intervals using the control tappets.

Main features:

  • Installed directly on the boiler panel.
  • Single Channel Analog Timer
  • Central heating timer set to 24 hours
  • A bypass switch is included for added convenience.

Vaillant smart thermostat

Controle remoto Vaillant vSMART

ANDVaillant vSMART Smart Room ControlIt's perfect if you want to manage your heating and hot water instantly. Thanks to its Internet connection, vSMART gives you total remote control, allowing you to manage your heating and hot water from an intuitive application on your smartphone or tablet. receive your yearbookvaillant kesselserviceevery year to maintain peak efficiency when using your smart thermostat to keep your energy bills low.

That's itsmart thermostatIt's a self-learning controller that knows you and your heating and hot water needs. It also has a smart weather compensation feature that analyzes weather data to tell your boiler how long it needs to run to reach the required temperature.

If you want a comfortable and cozy environment when you get home from work, set this control when you get home, when you wake up, or any other time you like, and it will ensure that the performance meets your needs.

If you want to use the vSMART independently, you can wall-mount the main unit or use the included bracket. Plus, access can be shared across multiple devices, so your whole family can manage your heating and hot water system.

Main features:

  • Android and Apple iOS apps are available
  • equipped with a self-learning mechanism
  • weather insurance
  • Connect multiple vSMART controllers simultaneously to a single app
  • The connection is wireless

Vailliant vSmart Control-App

ANDVaillant vSMART Heating Control Applets you manage your heating anytime, anywhere from your smartphone. Designed to work with all Vaillant boilers, easy vSMART connectivity ensures your boiler is constantly running at peak efficiency. With up to thirty user-defined time and temperature profiles, vSMART allows you to program your home's heating to your schedule and is a great addition to areplacement boiler.

Main features:

  • The app can link to various vSMART controllers such as My Place and Mother's Place
  • vSMART Gateway connects to the Internet through your Wi-Fi network
  • vSMART continuously monitors the outside temperature and ensures your boiler is only running as needed, reducing energy consumption
  • vSMART knows how much energy your home needs to maintain the ideal temperature for optimal comfort and efficiency.
  • Modern and elegant design app with interactive interface

common questions

What is the best temperature for your Vaillant boiler?

The recommended temperature setpoints for your boiler should be between 65ºC and 75ºC, as anything above or below this can cause potential problems with your boiler and perhaps even your well-being. you do not wantboiler temperaturebe too hot, as this can cause burns during use, and setting the boiler too low can put you at risk for certain water droplet-borne illnesses.

What is weather compensation technology?

Vaillant boiler controls, smart thermostat and wireless thermostat (4)

Climate compensation means your stove adjusts the temperature settings so everyone in the house is at the perfect temperature, without getting too hot or too cold. With this technology, the boiler detects the outside temperature in order to adjust the temperature to make it as comfortable as possible.

Vaillant Thermostats and Boiler Controls Conclusion

You must configure your homecentral heating systemwith the most amazing Vaillant boiler thermostat controls to increase the comfort of your home; Consequently, you must make the right decision when investing. Also note that the controls are not substandardguaranteed valiant kesselcollect.

We promise that Vaillant is one of the best brands in terms of efficiency and reliability. Its smart thermostats and central heating controls will keep your home cozy and comfortable whatever the weather, saving you energy and utility bills. When you buy a boiler from Boiler Central, you get a completely free wireless thermostat included in the box.cost of new boilers.

You will prove that your items are the best on the market. So check out their variants if you're on a tight budget but don't want to sacrifice quality.

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